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Vitamin Code RAW B-Complex represents a special offering of RAW, whole food formulas. Utilizing a unique dual probiotic cultivation method called RAW Food-Created Nutrients™ that emulates the growing process found in the plant kingdom, RAW B-Complex has literally been grown.  Vitamin Code starts with our dual cultivation process. Unlike fermentation processes that break down foods, Vitamin Code utilizes a growing process akin to growing vegetables in soil. During “Soup Fermentation” used by other brands, all the ingredients are combined into one large vat and fermented together with probiotics. Conversely, the Vitamin Code process grows or cultivates each nutrient individually in two separate tanks—one using Brewer’s yeast (also called Saccharomyces cerevisiae), and the other using the probiotic, Lactobacillus bulgaricus. 

Vitamin Code RAW B-Complex combines vitamins cultivated in two separate organisms because, during the cultivation process, each organism typically produces unique cofactors. Cofactors are “nutritional synergists” that are found in the foods we eat. Nutrients like bioflavonoids, enzymes, SOD, beta glucans and CoQ10 aid the body. They are found in whole fruits and vegetables and are typically present in these nutrients. The second key difference in the dual cultivation process is the combining of an individual nutrient and its own specific peptide.  This process is based upon Nobel Prize-winning science and 25+ years of research. Each nutrient is paired with a peptide that allows the nutrient to grow within the yeast or probiotic. In essence, the nutrient is pulled into the yeast or probiotic, where it is allowed to flourish and convert to its whole food form— typically with the co-factors still intact.

As mentioned earlier, the process Garden of Life uses emulates naturally growing plants that absorb nutrients from the soil and fully incorporates these nutrients to become a part of the plant. While the dual cultivation process is unique to Vitamin Code, there is another clear differentiator that sets it apart. Vitamin Code RAW B Complex is labeled as “RAW.” This is not a marketing term—it’s a careful process to ensure all ingredients are kept below 115°⁰F during manufacturing. The term RAW used by Garden of Life doesn’t only mean a lack of heat throughout manufacturing, but it also represents the integrity of a true raw whole food that is unadulterated and untreated— meaning that no chemically extracted ingredients are added. It’s also about what is not included in Vitamin Code vitamins—no binders, synthetic vitamins, artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.

Reach for Vitamin Code RAW B-Complex from Garden of Life.
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