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Boluoke 60 or 120 count
Beware Of Boluoke Imitators!

Don’t be fooled by imitation products. There is only one Boluoke® (lumbrokinase), the one that is backed by Phase I – III clinical trials in China, the one that is first used in hospitals in China, and covered by the Chinese National Fundamental Health Insurance. Currently some companies are making products with 250mg or 230mg of lumbrokinase per capsule and trying to quote Boluoke®’s credential as their own. Boluoke®’s capsules are of 200mg in size, and contain 20mg of lumbrokinase inside each capsule.

In addition, Boluoke®’s enzymatic strength is standardized against urokinase and t-PA. The imitation products are likely just earthworm protein extract containing little pure lumbrokinase or lumbrokinase of low enzymatic strength. Some products may even claim to have lumbrokinase mixed with proprietary herbal formula, and the ingredients of which they do not disclose. Would you trust your patients’ health to products like these? So make sure your patients are on Boluoke®, the one and only that’s backed by full research and extensive clinical data!

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How long before surgery should patient stop taking Boluoke®?

The conservative approach is to stop Boluoke® 1 week prior to surgery. The patient may resume taking Boluoke® 15 days after surgery if no complication or earlier if the physician deems appropriate.

Can Boluoke® be safely taken if the patient is on blood thinning agents?

Boluoke® does not significantly affect blood tests like PT and aPTT (thus it does not affect INR). However, patients should always consult their physicians before taking Boluoke® while on any prescriptions.

Can the content of Boluoke® capsules be emptied out and taken without the capsules?

The capsules used in Boluoke® are enteric coated capsules. They are designed to resist stomach acid and dissolve in the small intestines, because lumbrokinase may be inactivated by stomach acid. Preliminary in-house tests using Sonoclot® machine (manufactured by Sienco, Inc.) indicated that Boluoke® is still effective when taken without the capsules on an empty stomach. However, it is highly recommended that the patients take Boluoke® in its original capsulated format whenever possible.

What are the contra-indications for taking Boluoke®?

Contra-indications for Boluoke® are: allergy to lumbrokinase or earthworm; recent surgery; pre-surgery; lumbar puncture or arterial puncture; trauma; active internal bleeding or GI ulceration; any other bleeding disorders/tendencies. Patients should always consult their physicians before taking Boluoke®.

Does Boluoke® have any side effects?

The earthworm has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for a few thousand years, and is considered to be one of the safest ingredients in the traditional pharmacopoeias. The studies on Boluoke® showed that when taken at high dosage, some people may experience nausea, diarrhea, bloating, skin itch/rash, which resolved when the product was stopped.

Can Boluoke® be taken with other enzyme products?

There is a theoretical possibility that Boluoke® may be cleaved and rendered ineffective by other enzymes, so we currently do not recommend taking Boluoke® with another enzyme product at the same time. If you do have to take other enzyme products while on Boluoke®, try to space more time between the dosing of the two enzyme products (i.e. at least 2 hours).

How is Boluoke® different from other products that contain lumbrokinase?

Boluoke® is the only lumbrokinase that has been thoroughly researched and its enzymatic strength is standardized. Other lumbrokinase products currently on the market often are citing Boluoke®’s credentials and research, and are not disclosing the enzymatic strength of their lumbrokinase. On the raw material market, the price of lumbrokinase can vary by up to 15 folds, and the enzymatic strengths of various lumbrokinase also differ greatly.

In addition, lumbrokinase is a preparation containing multiple enzyme fractions, and the extraction and purification methods would determine the final compositions of the various enzyme fractions. Therefore, different products would have different lumbrokinase compositions and cannot be considered the same. This is also the reason why Boluoke® does not significantly affect blood tests like prothrombin time (PT) or activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT), while other lumbrokinase products may affect the test results.

The statements above have not been evaluated by the FDA.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Comparison Of Boluoke® (lumbrokinase) With Other Enzyme

Product name
Nattokinase Boluoke® Imitators Serrapeptidase Bromelain
Packaging 60 capsule 60-90 caps (varies) 30-36 caps 60-90 tabs 60-100 tabs
Main ingredient amount 20mg lumbrokinase per cap 36-100mg nattokinase per cap mostly 230-250mg of earthworm extract per cap 5 or 10mg of serrapepti-dase per cap  250-500mg bromelain per cap
Retail price
(in USD)
$92.76 ~$60.00 ~$36.95 $13.95-$18.95 $13.50-$22.50
Enteric coated Yes Some Some Some No
Dosage 1 cap 1-3 times daily for maintenance or 2 caps 3 times daily for 3 weeks 100mg/d for maintenance or 300mg/d acutely 4 capsules daily; or 6 to 9 capsules daily 1-2 caps 3 times daily 750-2000mg daily or higher
Enzyme source Earthworms Natto cheese Earthworm Silkworm Pineapple stem
Enzyme composition A multiple enzyme preparation A single enzyme preparation A multiple enzyme Preparation A single enzyme preparation A single enzyme preparation
Suitable for strict vegetarians No Yes No No Yes
Enzyme is standardized against Urokinase & t-PA activies Yes.  Each mg of lumbrokinase in Boluoke contains no less than 120,000u of tPA activity, and no less than 100u of Urokinase activity No.  But 1mg of  cDNA nattokinase (95% pure) contains  ~12,000u of tPA* activity (commercial nattokinase is much weaker) Unknown A proteolytic enzyme, but not a true fibrinolytic agent A proteolytic enzyme, but not a true fibrinolytic agent
Commonly used in clinics anywhere in the world Yes, used in many China hospitals/clinics since 1995 No. N/A N/A N/A
Effects on PT or APTT Boluoke® does not signif. affect PT or APTT Possibly if Vit. K was not removed Yes Unknown Markedly prolong PT and APTT
Inhibits platelet aggregation Yes Yes Unknown No No
Human clinical trials done Yes.  Phase I to III clinical trials completed on Boluoke® in China  Some small (less than 30 subjects) human trials Unkown Mainly on tissue/lung inflammation  Mainly on tissue inflam
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