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You might have heard about mercury toxicity or mercury poison in relation to eating tuna fish, but brushed it off as not a big deal. As it turns out, mercury might be a bigger deal than you thought, especially when it comes to your health.

Mercury is Everywhere

Mercury is a natural occurring element that can be found in the earth, air and water. Mercury is literally everywhere. It comes in many forms, but the biggest concern is exposure to mercury as it is a toxin. 
Exposure to mercury happens mainly through ingestion. Mercury in the air and land eventually makes its way into the water. Once there microorganisms change it into methylmercury, which is a more toxic form that then builds up in fish/shellfish and other animals that eat them. Eating certain types of fish and shellfish is the biggest source of exposure to humans.
Mercury is also found in foods including liver, poultry, swine and dairy cows. Mercury cell chlor-alkali products are used to make food ingredients including citric acid, socium benzoate, and high fructose corn syrup. Samples of high fructose corn syrup have been found to contain up to .57 mg of mercury per gram of high fructose corn syrup.
Another exposure route is through breathing in mercury vapor. This can happen when elemental mercury is released into the air. Products (like some types of thermometers) that contain elemental mercury release mercury into the air when they break. Mercury has also been used in dental fillings, which can release as much as 15 mg of mercury per day!

Mercury Causes More Harm to your Health than you Think

The reason that mercury is such a concern is because it is a potent neurotoxin. At high enough levels it causes harm to the brain, heart, kidneys, lungs and immune system. This is especially dangerous to children whose brains are still growing and developing. High mercury levels in unborn babies and young children damages their developing nervous system, which affects their ability to thing and learn.

How to Safely Remove Mercury and Cleanse your Body of this Deadly Toxin

Mercury toxicity is prevalent, but there is a simple way to cleanse your body of mercury. The most effective solution is ACZ nano Extra Strength, the leading evidence-based detoxification supplement available.

ACZ Nano Is Available in a 4oz or 2oz bottle, Extra Strength Formula!
ACZ Nano 4oz can be purchased separately or as part of a new extra large kit which contains a 4oz ACS200 and a 4oz ACZ Nano.

What scientific research exists documenting the effectiveness of the ACZ nano® Extra Strength as a detoxifier of toxic heavy metals?
Urine challenge (post-provocation) tests are the "gold standard" to measure the effectiveness of any chelating agent. Many tests have been performed using ACZ nano® Extra Strength as the chelating agent to demonstrate its superior effectiveness in irreversible binding of Mercury and other toxic heavy metals. It is important to compare a challenge (post-provocation) to a baseline (pre-provocation) test for scientific validity.  Usually, the baseline test will demonstrate no presence of toxic heavy metals in the baseline urine because there is no detoxifier present. If we could mobilize and excrete toxic heavy metals out of the body without a detoxifier, then by definition the body wouldn't be toxic. We simply don't have the biochemical pathways available to handle the tremendous toxic load that we now all experience and cannot mobilize and excrete toxic heavy metals without the help of ACZ nano® Extra Strength.   

The ACZ nano® Extra Strength challenge (post-provocation) is performed by a person taking the ACZ nano® Extra Strength four times during the day and collecting all of the urine that is excreted during that time. These tests scientifically demonstrate the incredible effectiveness of the ACZ nano® Extra Strength in the irreversible binding of the toxic heavy metals and excretion through the urinary tract. The binding affinity is also documented by the very high levels of Mercury present in the challenge (post-provocation) urine sample compared to the baseline urine sample.

Another important aspect of the superior characteristics of ACZ nano® Extra Strength as a detoxifier is also scientifically documented in urine challenge (post-provocation) tests, proving that Nutrient metals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Lithium, Silver and other critical elements are not bound by ACZ nano® Extra Strength. The acid base detoxifiers, EDTA, DMS, DMSA do bind these Nutrient metals and remove them from the body leading to deficiencies and potentially serious side-effects.   

This type of scientific laboratory testing is available to you and your clients to demonstrate the effectiveness of the ACZ nano® Extra Strength and to document the improvement over time as the toxic heavy metals are removed from the body.

What is the most effective supplement I can take to rid my body of toxins?
The most exciting newly available natural mineral for removing heavy metal toxins is ACZ nano® Extra Strength. It has the capability to eliminate several kinds of toxins, viral sub-particles, allergens and heavy metals from the body.

What is zeolite?
Zeolite is a naturally occurring crystal formed from volcanic ash over 300 million years ago. This crystalline compound has a cage-like, honeycomb structure, which is negatively charged and therefore attracts and captures harmful substances.

How does ACZ nano® Extra Strength work?
The cleansing mechanism of ACZ nano® Extra Strength is simple. With each dose, near countless numbers of sub micron size zeolite crystals enter the body as energized, negatively charged cages. As these crystal cages travel through the blood stream, heavy metals and free radicals attach to the zeolite crystal cages in an action similar to a magnet attracting iron filings. This unique exchange mechanism is called the cation exchange capacity. These toxin filled cages then pass naturally out of the body after only 5 to 7 hours.

ACZ nano® Extra Strength is capable of selectively attracting and binding toxic particles, whether they are heavy metals, radioactive particles, viruses, or other dangerous substances, and safely removing them before they negatively affect overall health. Not only does ACZ nano® Extra Strength eliminate toxic buildup, it also enhances immune function, alkalizes the body, improves metabolic function and nutrient absorption, and improves the body’s resistance to diseases like cancer through activity on the p21 suppressor onco-gene. Also, because ACZ nano® Extra Strength comes pre-activated with health-promoting ions like calcium, magnesium, iron, and potassium, it provides a two-for-one benefit. The exchange removes toxins from the body and replaces them with essential nutrients.

How long have zeolites been used to improve health?
Zeolites, particularly zeolite powder, have a long history in traditional medicine dating back at least a thousand years. Records show that the zeolite has been a part of traditional remedies throughout Asia. More recently zeolite powder was given to victims of the Chernobyl fallout to reduce radiation levels in their bodies. Twenty tons of zeolite was dumped on the Ukraine and Bellarus to bind the radioactive Strontium and Cesium. Zeolites have also been used for decades to improve the digestive health and weight gain of stock animals in Europe and the Mediterranean regions which long ago banned the use of hormones and antibiotics as growth promoters. Zeolites are now being recognized for their exceptional characteristics in promoting human health.

How does ACZ nano® Extra Strength remove heavy metals from the body?
The most hazardous heavy metals when it comes to human health are mercury, lead, cadmium, and arsenic. Despite the known risks associated with heavy metal toxicity, exposure to these toxins continues to increase through the dental practice of using a mercury amalgam and the continued use of the mercury vaccine preservative Thimerosal.

ACZ nano® Extra Strength’s negatively charged-matrix structure allows for the attraction, binding and removal of positively-charged particles from the body through a process called “cation exchange.” The heavy metals with the highest affinity for the zeolite in order are: mercury, lead, aluminum, antimony, arsenic, barium, bismuth, cadmium, cesium, gadolinium, gallium, nickel, niobium, platinum, rubidium, thallium, thorium, tin, tungsten, uranium and others. The binding affinity is based upon charge, size, weight and density of these ions. Once in the matrix, toxins are tightly bound and eliminated though the urinary tract from the body within hours. The long-term effects of using ACZ nano® Extra Strength for heavy metal elimination could include reduced risks of cancer and heart disease.

Is ACZ nano® Extra Strength another form of oral detoxification therapy?
The short answer is YES. Oral detoxification therapy was originally developed to treat heavy metal poisoning especially lead. The term “chemical binding” refers to the ability of a compound to combine with a heavy metal so the toxin can be excreted by the kidneys and liver during detoxification. Traditional detoxification treatment generally involves taking certain chemicals such as acid-based EDTA, DMSA, and DMPS that have an affinity for certain heavy metals. Many negative effects can occur during acid-based detoxification therapy due to the weak binding of the agents to the heavy metals that would allow the heavy metals to be re-deposited elsewhere in the body or brain and not be excreted.

ACZ nano® Extra Strength however irreversibly binds toxic heavy metals and quickly removes them through the urinary tract. ACZ nano® Extra Strength is also able to correct pH by loosely attracting the large Hydrogen ion on the basis of concentration gradient. Acid-based chelating agents make pH worse. The only symptom associated with taking lots of the ACZ nano® Extra Strength is possible mild dehydration, which can be easily prevented by drinking plenty of fluids while using the supplement.

Whereas acid-based detoxification treatments also bind to essential minerals as well as possibly increasing the likelihood that some heavy metals will be absorbed by the body during therapy, ACZ nano® Extra Strength does not have these same risks and does not have the same liver and kidney burden as acid-based detoxification treatment. Pregnant and nursing women are encouraged to use ACZ nano® Extra Strength to help decrease toxins going through the placenta to the fetus and to detoxify the breast milk the infant requires.

What are antioxidants and what are the antioxidant properties of ACZ nano® Extra Strength?
Although oxygen is necessary for proper cell function, cellular processes involving oxygen to create energy also result in oxidation. Oxidation is a chemical process that results in certain atoms losing electrons and becoming unstable. This is the same process that causes a coin to tarnish or a banana to turn brown. These destabilized molecules are known as free radicals, and they can cause cellular damage by stealing electrons from healthy cells. Between one and three percent of the oxygen we inhale results in the creation of free radicals, and our cells are exposed to billions of free radicals each day.

If free radicals are not neutralized, they can cause premature aging, immune dysfunction and a myriad of diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

ACZ nano® Extra Strength has powerful antioxidant properties. Its structure not only traps toxins such as heavy metals, but also free radical molecules. However, unlike classic antioxidants, zeolites do not neutralize free radicals by donating an electron to stabilize them. Instead, the structure of the zeolite is such that it captures the free radical and locks it safely away so that it cannot harm the body. Once trapped in the zeolite, the inactivated free radical can then safely be eliminated from the body.

Also, the more toxic metals residing in the body, the higher the free radical activity. Heavy metals in the body exponentially increase free radical activity and today everyone has far more heavy metals than ever. Thus, removing toxic metals from the body will greatly reduce the number and activity of free radicals.

Can ACZ nano® Extra Strength help with colds, flu and other viruses?
Zeolite fights viral infections through a two-pronged approach. First, it is believed to attract and bind viral sub-particles, thereby interfering with viral replication in the body and halting its progression by eliminating them from the body. ACZ nano® Extra Strength may also dampen viral proliferation. A study on the antiviral activity of micronized zeolite found that it slowed the proliferation of human enteroviruses and type-1 herpes simplex through nonspecific antiviral activity. The study suggested that there may be a therapeutic application for zeolite in the treatment of herpes virus (topical use) and enterovirus (oral use).

In addition to its broad-spectrum antiviral properties, ACZ nano® Extra Strength boosts immune function, which protects the body and helps it fight infection. By interfering with viruses themselves and boosting immunity, zeolite may offer the right combination of safe and natural immune support necessary for optimal health. Because zeolite removes heavy metals and other toxins from the body, the immune system is more likely to be healthier and better able to deal with microbial invaders.

Does zeolite cure cancer?
The rise of modern industry has resulted in an increase in cancer-causing chemicals and one of the great challenges of modern medical science is the task of preventing, treating and curing cancer. The potential for using zeolite to treat cancer has recently drawn the attention of some scientists. A growing body of evidence supports zeolite’s role in cancer treatment.

ACZ nano® Extra Strength may help to eliminate carcinogenic toxins from the body, especially a category of carcinogens called nitrosamines. The most common sources for these nitrates include processed meats, cigarettes, and beer, and they have been linked to pancreatic, stomach, and colon cancers. Even with diet restrictions, most people still consume more nitrates than they should for optimal health. ACZ nano® Extra Strength can reduce nitrate absorption as well as the absorption of several other carcinogenic substances.

Even more interesting is research demonstrating the ability of zeolite to suppress tumor growth. Studies on cell models and in animals have been promising. In one study, zeolite was found to target certain tumor suppressor genes, thereby inhibiting tumor growth. In another study, zeolite was given to animals with varying types of cancer. Supplementation with zeolite led to tumor shrinkage and overall health improvement in some animals, with one of the most exciting results involving skin cancer. Although the degree of improvement varied depending on the animal and type of cancer, significant improvements were seen in some animals, and none suffered any side effects.

ACZ nano® Extra Strength’s antioxidant properties may also prove beneficial to cancer patients since antioxidants have a long track record of aiding cancer treatment programs, though in some cases, the exact mechanism that makes antioxidants useful for cancer treatment is still not well understood.

Can ACZ nano® Extra Strength help control blood sugar levels?
Research on using zeolite supplements for blood sugar control is encouraging. Zeolite’s ability to effectively absorb excess glucose and, as a result, help regulate blood sugar levels makes it a positive adjunct in treating diabetes. As a side benefit, zeolite reduces nitrate uptake by capturing nitrates in the digestive tract before they can be absorbed. Nitrates have been linked to Type-2 Diabetes.

How can ACZ nano® Extra Strength counteract the effects of pesticides, dioxins and other pollutants?
Although zeolite does not eliminate these toxin sources directly, it does provide a safe, nontoxic method of removing toxic-heavy metals, mitigating their damaging affects such as immune suppression and poisoning of the liver’s detoxification pathways. A healthy liver and immune system are critical for protecting the body from the carcinogenic effects of pesticides, dioxin and other toxic chemicals.

Can I use ACZ nano® Extra Strength as part of a nutritional program for hormone balance?
Yes, as the body detoxifies from poisons, the endocrine’s system is able to heal and improve function.

How does ACZ nano® Extra Strength balance the body’s pH levels and what health benefits does it provide?
It is critical for proper cellular function that the body maintains a healthy pH balance of acid and alkaline levels in the body. A slightly alkalinity (a pH of 7.35-7.45) is considered optimal for good health. Blood pH is regulated by the body in several ways. The kidneys and lungs provide mechanisms for pH regulation while the kidneys remove excess Hydrogen ions called protons in a relatively slow process, and the lungs remove extra CO2 in a much faster process, often during exercise. The acid-alkaline equilibrium is also regulated by a series of acid-base buffers composed of a weak acid and a salt base.

Zeolite’s chemical makeup and its ability to attract excess Hydrogen ions based upon the concentration gradient helps correct and maintain a healthy body pH which reduces acid reflux symptoms, arthritis, infections, and cancer and improves overall cellulular function.

Can ACZ nano® Extra Strength improve digestion and nutrient absorption?
Zeolite’s digestive benefits have been well researched. Zeolite has been used with positive effect to treat the symptoms of diarrhea. In one animal study, ACZ nano® Extra Strength was able to improve the symptoms of intestinal disease in test subjects. Later human studies confirmed zeolite’s benefit in treating acute diarrhea symptoms and led to the approval of a pharmaceutical drug for this use called Enterex.

ACZ nano® Extra Strength promotes healthy digestion and encourages nutrient absorption. Zeolite’s ability to capture ammonium ions during digestion, creating a friendlier and less toxic digestive system that is better able to absorb nutrients during digestion is believed to be the reason for this. It may also balance the pH of the digestive tract, creating an optimal environment for beneficial microflora in the digestive tract. Also, the binding of toxic heavy metals that compete for the same receptors in the gut provide for increased absorption and assimilation of the nutrient minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron. Binding of the toxic heavy metals also reduces the damage that leads to “leaky gut syndrome.” With a healthy, balanced digestive system, incidents of diarrhea, flu and infections are reduced. And since the body is better able to digest, absorb and assimilate essential nutrients when the intestinal tract is functioning properly, the overall health of the body improves as well.

How can ACZ nano® Extra Strength help those who suffer from chronic allergies?
Some researchers believe that zeolite may also attract allergens and antigens that trigger allergies, capturing them and eliminating them from the body. ACZ nano® Extra Strength may offer additional allergy support by reducing occurrences and symptoms of allergies and related conditions, including asthma. The immune system is key in this process. The toxic heavy metals mercury, cadmium and lead, particular adversely affect this system by interfering with metabolic pathways involving the Omega Fatty Acids. Omega 3 Fatty Acid is involved with anti-inflammatory pathways. Omega 6 and 9 Fatty Acids are involved with pro-inflammatory pathways producing such toxic substances as Histamine and Leukotrienes. These chemicals in high levels in the tissues cause asthma, allergic reactions, rheumatoid arthritis, SLE (Lupus) and other auto-immune based conditions. As the levels of toxic heavy metals decrease in the body, these pathways can be restored to proper function and balance and associated auto-immune conditions will markedly diminish.

How can ACZ nano® Extra Strength help to combat aging?
Zeolite’s ability to reduce toxic overload and its antioxidant properties may also prove beneficial in the fight against aging. Exposure to damaging oxidation and toxins interferes with metabolic functions and cellular repair. Detoxifying the body with a health-promoting supplement like zeolite helps to offset these effects and keeps the body’s reparative and regenerative functions operating efficiently, keeping us young and healthy.

How does ACZ nano® Extra Strength support healthy immune function?
ACZ nano® Extra Strength can influence the health of the immune system in several ways. The most obvious effect zeolite has on immunity is its ability to remove toxins, heavy metals, and allergens from the body. All of these things have been known to negatively affect the immune system and seriously compromise overall immune health. Zeolite is also believed to have nonspecific antiviral properties. By eliminating these potential health threats, zeolite indirectly improves immune function.

But that is not all. A growing body of evidence suggests that zeolite also has immunomodulatory effects. This means the chemical composition of zeolite may actually have nonspecific immuno-stimulating effects. Scientists believe that zeolite may be able to activate large groups of T cells. In a study on patients being treated for immunodeficiency, six to eight weeks of clinoptilolite zeolite was found to increase the blood counts of certain immune cells.

How does ACZ nano® Extra Strength remove only bad substances from the body?
Studies on zeolite have shown that it has a great affinity for attracting heavy metals and other toxic particles. The size, shape, weight, density and electrical makeup of each toxic heavy metal is specific and binds tightly to the zeolite cavity. Meanwhile, nutrient minerals like calcium, magnesium and phosphorus are larger and lighter. ACZ nano® Extra Strength is pre-activated with these healthy mineral ions, so when the zeolite binds onto a toxic particle, it leaves a healthy nutrient in its place. This is called cation exchange.

Will ACZ nano® Extra Strength damage dental fillings, artificial joints, or breast implants?
ACZ nano® Extra Strength can only remove heavy metals that are in a free solution. Zeolites operate passively; they will not attack foreign particles or pull mercury from fillings, titanium from hip replacements, or silicone from breast implants.

Are there any side effects associated with taking ACZ nano® Extra Strength?
ACZ nano® Extra Strength is considered 100 percent safe and non-toxic by the FDA. There are no documented side effects associated with using ACZ nano® Extra Strength as a health supplement. Zeolite only remains in the body for between 5 and 7 hours, and it is considered safe for children, pregnant and nursing mothers, and the sick and elderly. It is recommended that anyone using ACZ nano® Extra Strength remain well-hydrated since the process of removing toxic heavy metal ions from the body can result in slight dehydration. The recommended eight to ten glasses of water per day should suffice in most cases. If you have any concerns, please speak to a health professional.

Are there any contraindications for using ACZ nano® Extra Strength with any prescription drugs?
There is no mechanism for interaction of zeolite with pharmaceutical drugs. The exception would be chemotherapy agents which contain heavy metals such as cis-Platinum. In this case, it is recommended to stop taking ACZ nano® Extra Strength 48 hours prior to chemotherapy and to resume taking ACZ nano® Extra Strength 48 hours after chemotherapy. People who are labeled Biploar Affective Disorder BAD or Manic/Depression are often prescribed a mineral supplement called Lithium. This therapy has been around since the 1940’s. The affinity studies show minimal binding attraction for Lithium. A urine test is available to follow the Lithium levels as well as the blood test required every month. Lithium is very toxic with many sides-effects. Those who are taking Lithium would definitely benefit from removing the toxins from the brain, so that they can regain their function. Lithium does NOT fix brain toxicity problems.

Aluminum in deodorants and makeup is said to be harmful to the body. Why isn’t the aluminum in zeolite dangerous?
The aluminum in ACZ nano® Extra Strength is bonded in such a way that it cannot be absorbed by the body. Temperatures of more than 900 degrees Fahrenheit would be required to break the metal from its crystalline bond. In fact, ACZ nano® Extra Strength removes existing aluminum that has accumulated in the body just as it removes other heavy metals.

Can ACZ nano® Extra Strength negatively affect liver or kidney function?
There are no reported problems associated with ACZ nano® Extra Strength negatively affecting liver or kidney function. By detoxifying the body, zeolite may actually improve function by making the job of the liver and kidneys much easier. By reducing the strain on the organs from dangerous toxins, supplementation with ACZ nano® Extra Strength may lead to a healthier liver and kidneys. The most common source of kidney dysfunction is lead toxicity. Using zeolite, kidney function often improves.

Is ACZ nano® Extra Strength safe for children?
Children are exposed to the same toxins as adults, and in some cases their environment may be more toxic. Because children’s immune, neurological and endocrine systems are actually less developed than the typical adult, they also may be more susceptible to these toxins. Not only is ACZ nano® Extra Strength completely safe for children (though they should consume a dose proportionate to their weight), it may prove even more beneficial for children than adults because all of their systems are still developing.

Is ACZ nano® Extra Strength safe for pregnant or nursing women?
The FDA considers zeolite safe and nontoxic, regardless of age or gender. Since it is also excreted in its entirety, zeolite will not accumulate in the body and should be considered safe for pregnant and nursing women. A recent Red Cross study found more than 200 toxic compounds, nearly half of them carcinogenic, in the umbilical cord blood of newborn babies. ACZ nano® Extra Strength may provide optimal health for mother and child.

How long does zeolite stay in the body? Can zeolite accumulate in the body over time?
Zeolite is eliminated from the body completely and does not accumulate with time. ACZ nano® Extra Strength has a half-life of 5-7 hours. That means half of the dose is gone during that time frame. It takes five half-lives for all of an agent to be processed out of the body. Five times 5-7 hours means it takes 25-35 hours for total excretion of the zeolite dose.

What is the recommended dosage of ACZ nano?

  • Shake bottle before using.
  • Normal Dose:Take 5 sprays by mouth 2-3 times daily.
  • Higher Dose: Take 10 sprays by mouth 4 times daily.

Is it better to take ACZ nano® Extra Strength with food or on an empty stomach?
Unlike other detoxification therapies where the presence of food in the stomach may affect the absorbability or effectiveness of the treatment, ACZ nano® Extra Strength is just as effective whether taken with food or without.

What does ACZ nano® Extra Strength taste like?
ACZ nano® Extra Strength is tasteless so it is easy to incorporate into any diet, even that of the pickiest eater, the elderly and the smallest child.

After starting to take ACZ nano® Extra Strength, what are the physical signs that it's working?
The first thing that happens with continued use is the significant cleansing of toxins from the blood. Once this begins to happen people begin noticing an increased clarity of mind and overall energy.

How long do I need to take ACZ nano® Extra Strength?
Once the toxins have been significantly reduced in the bloodstream, the body will then begin to eliminate toxins from tissue and bone. This process can take years. However, once you realize how much better you feel in taking ACZ nano® Extra Strength daily, it will be easy to make a few simple sprays part of your daily routine.

Optimize Cholesterol with Total Body Detoxification

By Lyn Hanshew, M.D.

A never ending stream of media propaganda promotes yet another “statin” drug to lower your “bad LDL cholesterol” that supposedly leads to heart attack, stroke, erectile dysfunction, etc. 

It is amazing to watch and listen to this deceptive and misleading information being transmitted to the masses. An estimated six billion dollars were spent on pharmaceutical drug TV ads last year.

Why? Because the ads work by desensitization, in spite of the litany of side-effects (even death!) listed at the end of each ad. “Statin” drugs themselves are hepatotoxic and regular blood testing for elevated liver enzymes must be performed.

  • The “statin” drug class causes birth defects,
  • Headache -- in up to 16.7 percent of people
  • Infections -- up to 10.3 percent
  • Muscle pain -- up to 5.6 percent
  • Diarrhea -- up to 5.3 percent
  • Joint pain -- up to 5.1 percent
  • Sinusitis -- up to 6.4 percent 

“Statin” drugs are being promoted to reduce LDL cholesterol levels because elevated LDL cholesterol has statistically been associated with a higher rate of cardiovascular deaths.  However, a statistical association does not prove “cause and effect”.  It makes no more sense to say that the firemen found fighting a fire are, in fact, the cause of the fire.

Within the cell membrane, cholesterol functions in intracellular transport, cell signaling and nerve conduction. Cholesterol is essential for the structure and function of the cell membrane. The role of cholesterol in endocytosis is critical. Recently, cholesterol has also been implicated in cell signaling processes, assisting in the formation of lipid rafts in the plasma membrane. In many neurons a myelin sheath, rich in cholesterol, provides insulation for more efficient conduction of impulses. (2)

Within cells, cholesterol is the precursor molecule in several biochemical pathways. In the liver, cholesterol is converted to bile, which is then stored in the gallbladder. Bile contains bile salts, which solubilize fats in the digestive tract and aid in the intestinal absorption of fat molecules as well as the fat soluble vitamins, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin K. Cholesterol is an important precursor molecule for the synthesis of Vitamin D and the steroid hormones, including the adrenal gland hormones cortisol and aldosterone as well as the sex hormones progesterone, estrogens, and testosterone and their derivatives. (2)

The side effects of statin drugs correlate exactly to their known mechanisms of action.  One of the most important side-effects is the interference with the production of Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). (6)
CoQ10is the naturally-occurring form of ubiquinone in humans. Ubiquinone is widely recognized as an essential component of energy metabolism in the electron-transfer system in mitochondrial membranes. At physiological concentrations it is also recognized as an effective lipid-soluble antioxidant. It is one of the end products of the mevalonate pathway where dolichol and cholesterol are synthesized. Both ubiqionone and dolichol are released by the liver cells into the blood circulation, but in much lower concentrations than that of cholesterol.  (2, 7, 8)
Ghirlanda et al reported in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study a decrease of 50-54% of CoQ10 levels in the statin treatment groups, and similar results were reproduced by Watts et al.  (7, 8)

Bliznakov and Wilkins reviewed studies of the effect of statins on the biosynthesis of CoQ10 and the clinical implication of CoQ10 deficiency. The authors report that lovastatin, pravastatin and simvastatin lower the endogenous levels of CoQ10. (9)
Considering that Co Q10 is essential for mitochondrial function and antioxidant activity, and since oxidative mechanisms are important in atherogenesis, it can be assumed that a reduction in CoQ10 level may compromise cardiac function despite optimal reduction in cholesterol levels by the use of “statin” drugs. (10)

Furthermore, the reduction of ubiquinone levels might be associated with myopathy, a rare adverse effect associated with statin drugs. This "metabolic" myopathy is related to ubiquinone deficiency in muscle cell mitochondria, disturbing normal cellular respiration and causing adverse effects such as rhabdomyolysis, exercise intolerance, and recurrent myoglobinuria, and encephalopathies. (11, 12, 13)

Cholesterol Cause and Effect
Elevated LDL cholesterol poses a risk for cardiovascular disease when it invades the endothelium and becomes oxidized, since the oxidized form is more easily retained by the proteoglycans. A complex set of biochemical reactions regulates the oxidation of LDL, chiefly stimulated by the presence of free radicals in the endothelium. The more toxic metals residing in the body, the higher the free radical activity. Heavy metals in the body exponentially increase free radical activity and today everyone has far more heavy metals than ever. Thus, removing toxic metals from the body will greatly reduce the number and activity of free radicals. (5)

Detoxifying the body of toxic heavy metals and reducing free radical exposure may alter the contribution of cholesterol to atherosclerosis. (5)

Selective detoxification by Adsorption
In weighing the advantages and disadvantages of the evidence-based detoxification products available, the mechanism of toxicant binding is of primary consideration. Although profound in application, the binding action of zeolite is simple to understand.

The uptake of toxic heavy metals, chemical toxins or other free radicals in zeolites is called adsorption. Adsorption (not to be confused with absorption) is the accumulation of atoms or molecules on the surface of an adsorbent solid, such as zeolite. The driving force behind adsorption is the highly polar surface within the pores of the zeolite structure. This unique characteristic distinguishes zeolites enabling an extremely high adsorption capacity for water and other polar components even at very low concentrations. Advanced Cellular Zeolite (ACZ) nano® crystals are characterized by a three-dimensional pore system, with pores of precisely defined diameter. Pores of precisely uniform openings within these nanomized, crystalline structures allow for molecules smaller than its pore diameter, such as Mercury, to be adsorbed while excluding larger molecules, such as Calcium and Potassium, hence the name “molecular sieve”.
Depicted in the diagram, smaller Mercuric ions are pulled deeply into the nanomized zeolite cage structure and held securely for safe elimination, while Calcium and Potassium are “sieved”.

ACZ nano® Extra Strength: Antioxidant
ACZ nano® Extra Strength has powerful antioxidant properties. Its structure not only traps toxins such as toxic heavy metals, but also free radical molecules. However, unlike classic antioxidants, nanomized zeolite crystals do not neutralize free radicals by donating an electron to stabilize them. Instead, the structure of the zeolite is such that it captures the free radical and locks it safely away so that it cannot harm the body. Once trapped in the zeolite, the inactivated free radical can then safely be eliminated from the body.
A safe and proven detoxification agent, ACZ nano® Extra Strength Intra-oral spray selectively and irreversibly binds toxic substances, without binding or removing nutrient elements. ACZ nano® Extra Strength safely removes Mercury, Lead, Aluminum, Antimony, Arsenic, Barium, Bismuth, Cadmium, Cesium, Gadolinium, Gallium, Nickel, Niobium, Platinum, Rubidium, Thallium, Thorium, Tin, Tungsten, Uranium and more.

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12. Bargossi AM. Exogenous CoQ10 preserves plasma ubiquinone levels in patients treated with 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A reductase inhibitors. Int J Clin Lab Res. 1994;24(3):171-176

13. Wollschlaeger, Bernd.J.Am.Nutraceutical Assoc. Statin Drugs and CoenzymeQ10: A Potential for Drug Induced Nutrient Deplention. May 2001.

The Safest and Most Effective Solution for the Candidiasis and Mercury Cycle
by Lyn Hanshew, M.D.

One of the most difficult organisms to diagnose and successfully treat is Candida albicans. C. albicans is a yeast that is considered part of the normal flora of the alimentary canal and is also, commonly found in the genitourinary system. By six months of age, 90% of infants test positive for Candida and almost all adults test positive. C. albicans is an opportunistic organism and exists in a competitive environment with other organisms to control its growth. This equilibrium in the gut and genitourinary tract can be disrupted by changes in the pH, high levels of simple sugars, hormone imbalance, antibiotic exposure that alters the make-up and quantity of the flora constituents and suppression of the immune system by toxins and drugs such as steroids. If this happens, overgrowth of Candida can occur and this organism can burrow through the walls of the intestine, enter the blood stream and make its way throughout the body.

Candidemia and disseminated candidiasis are the most common causes of morbidity and mortality in hospitalized patients, especially in the ICU. A predisposed host is one who is on broad spectrum antibiotics, immunosuppressive drugs, parenteral nutrition and central venous catheters. Data was extracted from the Prospective Antifungal Therapy Alliance database and demonstrated the incidence of candidemia caused by C.albicans was 45.6% and 54.4% was caused by non- C. albicans species. The overall crude 12 week mortality was 35.2%. There are no pathognomonic signs or symptoms (Horn DL et al. 2009). The clinical clues are fever of unknown origin or signs of severe sepsis while on antibiotics, and multiple, non-tender, nodular erythematous cutaneous lesions. The evaluation of new antifungal agents and the precise role of prophylactic therapy are needed. (Singhi S. 2009, Perltroth J, et al 2007)

Due to the ubiquitous presence of Candida, diagnostic testing is of little help. There are a variety of tests that practitioners use to diagnose yeast overgrowth, that may include stool tests, blood tests, live blood cell tests, etc., but none of these tests are reliable. They may or may not detect an infection of Candidiasis. (Pappas PG 2004)

Therefore, practitioners often diagnose and individuals often self-diagnose based upon ambulatory versus hospitalized status and a list of common symptoms associated with the gastrointestinal and genitourinary systems, immune, endocrine and the neurological system, including mental and emotional symptoms. This list includes: thrush, indigestion, acid reflux, abdominal gas and bloating, diarrhea, constipation, rectal itching, vaginitis headaches, migraines, excessive fatigue, inability to think clearly or concentrate, poor memory, hyperactivity, mood swings cravings for alcohol or sweets, anxiety, depression, irritability, dizziness, itching, acne, eczema, athlete's foot, sinus inflammation, persistent cough, sore throat, earache, pre-menstrual syndrome, low sex drive, muscle weakness, sensitivity to fragrances and/or other chemicals and chronic pain. (Crook W 1983, 2005) This wide-ranging list is significant and indicative of the toxicity associated with Candida.

A successful treatment strategy includes killing the organism and correcting the underlying causes for Candida overgrowth and dissemination. Pharmaceutical anti-fungals agents can be grouped into three classes based on their site of action: azoles which inhibit the synthesis of ergosterol, a major constituent of the fungal cell membrane, are considered fungistatic; polyenes also interact with ergosterol and cause membrane leakage resulting in cell death and 5-fluorocytosine inhibits protein synthesis.

Nystatin is a polyene, oral anti-fungal used primarily for the treatment of oral candidiasis. It is not absorbed out of the gut and has few mild gastrointestinal side effects.

Amphotericin B is a fungicidal polyene administered intravenously, which commonly can cause serious multi-organ damage and result in death. It is not frequently used since the development of the azole class of agents. This class has less side effects, ranging from mild nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, headache, dizziness and skin rash to severe blistering, bruising, jaundice and seizures. Side-effects for 5-fluorocytosine include bone marrow suppression, gastrointestinal, liver, kidney and central nervous system toxicity. Efficacy and safety issues and development of resistance limits the usefulness of all of these agents.

Historically, non-pharmaceutical approaches to killing or limiting the growth of Candida have not been well-researched. Thai and Ignacio (2005) demonstrated that grape seed extract had comparable fungistatic activity to Miconazole in suppressing C. albicans growth. They found that tea tree oil, probiotic supernatant and garlic showed no decrease in growth rates of C. albicans.

The good news is there is now a safe and effective natural solution for the serious issue of candidiasis. The average person in the US has between 400-800 potentially toxic, immunosuppressive, carcinogenic, endocrine-disrupting, and gene-damaging chemicals stored his cells and is therefore at risk for candidiasis. Mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, pesticides, insecticides, dioxins, furans, phthalates, VOCs, and PCBs are just some of the foreign substances that have created an excessive toxic body burden of harmful chemicals.

Of all the toxins, mercury is the most destructive to the neurological, immune and endocrine systems. It is a deadly mutagen causing DNA damage. Mercury contributes to or causes many illnesses including autism, autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer's disease, cancers, heart disease, endocrine problems, and neurological and behavioral disorders. Murray and Kidby (1975) demonstrated that Mercury is incorporated into the cell wall of yeast. This is the key to the toxic effects of candidiasis and the basis of the Herxheimer reaction. Mercury being released from dying cells is extremely toxic to surrounding tissues. The list of symptoms associated with candidiasis is the same list of symptoms associated with mercury toxicity. It is impossible to cure candida overgrowth without removing the toxic burden of mercury.

Prior to the discovery of antibiotics, health practitioners used colloidal silver to safely and effective treat infections. In 1914 the medical journal Lancet reported phenomenal results from silver use stating it to be absolutely harmless, non-toxic to humans, and highly germicidal. In 1929, over 5 million prescriptions for silver-based products were issued in the United States alone. In fact, colloidal silver has been proven useful against all species of fungi, parasites, bacteria, protozoa, and viruses. Even to this day, properly formulated colloidal silver is still one of the most effective, safe, antimicrobials known to man with no risk of resistance developing.

To effectively reduce toxic body burden of harmful toxins and infections, Results RNA® has created Total Body Detox® composed of two revolutionary intra-oral spray formulas, Advanced Cellular Silver (ACS) 200®Extra Strength and Advanced Cellular Zeolite (ACZ) nano® Extra Strength to effectively and safely kill pathogens and remove toxic body burden. ACZ nano® Extra Strength and ACS 200® Extra Strength have extraordinary characteristics.

ACS 200® Extra Strength represents a major advancement in medical-use silver technology and excels in both safety and efficacy. ACS 200® Extra Strength demonstrates a much broader pathogen kill spectrum than traditional prescription antibiotics, antifungal, or antiviral preparations. Far more advanced in both safety and efficacy than traditional colloidal silver, ACS 200® Extra Strength is a 200 ppm (parts per million) silver that has been proven capable of rapidly killing an enormous array of disease-causing organisms, literally oxidizing the cell wall of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, as well as viruses, fungi, parasites and spirochetes. Independent studies of ACS 200® demonstrate complete kill against Candida in less than 3 minutes. An FDA protocol oral toxicity independent study was conducted by Pacific BioLabs in Hercules, CA. Using mega doses of ACS 200, there were no toxic signs observed throughout the study.

Now that the Candida organisms are dead, how do we address the mercury that has been released? ACZ nano® Extra Strength is a zeolite product that has many significant qualities which make it a superior choice over other detoxification or chelation methods, including other zeolite-based products. In urine challenge studies, ACZ nano®Extra Strength has been independently proven to increase urinary output of mercury, lead and other toxic metals by several thousand percent. It is interesting to note that extremely toxic mercury levels were recorded in the urine of patients while taking ACZ nano® Extra Strength who had undetectable mercury levels in their baseline urine.

These results show just how difficult it is for the body to remove mercury and other toxins without an effective chelator present. Traditional chelating agents have significant limitations in safely removing mercury, lead, cadmium and arsenic. One drawback is that agents such EDTA have high affinity for essential nutrient minerals such as calcium and remove them simultaneously with toxins. If not carefully monitored, this removal of calcium can be quite dangerous and can cause rapid muscle weakness and potentially heart damage. With a weak bond, these chelating agents can pull out mercury from the tissues and then drop mercury into the bloodstream where it can redeposit in the brain or other vital organs. If this happens the patients condition is likely to worsen. ACZ nano® Extra Strength irreversibly binds toxins and safely removes them through the urinary tract. This prevents Herxheimer reactions and prevents mercury from being recycled into other Candida cells.

Total Body Detox® comprised of ACS 200® Extra Strength to safely and effectively kill Candida and ACZ nano® Extra Strength to irreversibly bind and excrete the mercury and other toxins that are released, is the safest and most effective solution to the serious health threat of candidiasis.

About the Author
Dr. Hanshew practiced medicine in the Seattle area for 15 years. She achieved Board-Certified in Family Medicine and Bariatric Medicine. She also has specialized training in Anti-Aging Medicine, Natural Hormone Replacement and Environmental Toxicity issues relating to the exponential rise in the incidence and successful treatment of Lyme disease, Autism, Fibromyalgia, ADD, Chronic Fatigue, Multiple Sclerosis, Obesity, Anxiety, Depression and Cancer.

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Study: Yeast Binds Mercury

The case for the Total Body Detox® protocol is based upon the devastating interrelationships between pathogens and toxins, the destructive sum of the whole. The synergy that exists between these seemingly separate entities has truly profound health implications.

The following study demonstrates the relationship existing between yeast and mercury, two of the most common pathogen and toxin pairings plaguing people today.

"Sub-cellular Location of Mercury in Yeast Grown in the Presence of Mercuric Chloride" - Murray and Kidby, 1975

The study was performed by growing Saccharomyces cerevisiae in the presence of Mercuric chloride. Then, the physical and chemical characteristics of the yeast were examined by fractionation procedures and autoradiography.

Experiment and Findings:

  • Post 15 hour incubation, nearly all the mercury present was in the yeast cells, with almost none left in growth medium.
  • The major fraction of mercury was bound into the yeast cell walls. Only a small proportion of mercury appeared to be in weakly bound, ion exchange positions.
  • Yeast cell walls are capable of binding approximately their own weight of mercury.1

Concomitant Detoxification - The New Maxim in Health

It was not too long ago that supplementing nutrition was a new concept, a notion now as common as sunrise. Given the extreme environmental pollution of the current age, uptake and bio-accumulation of toxic elements is appalling. Thus the importance of treating both infection and detoxifying simultaneously as part of a well-planned health optimization strategy cannot be overstated. As this simple study shows, detoxification of pathogen-bound toxic heavy metals is nearly impossible without destroying the pathogens first. Concomitant detoxification is now imperative.

1 Journal of General Microbiology; 1975; 86:66-74; AD Murray; DK Kidby; Dept. of Microbiology, College of Biological Science, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

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